Being the mad scientist that I am, I've decided to fuse some of hip hop and R&B's most familiar faces with random animals. If you don't laugh at least once then you are heartless. 

50 Cent. I bet I could have gotten away with just using the original gorilla picture.


When politicians don't answer questions. By Bob Schieffer

  (From CBS News) I gave a talk on the campus of SMU in Dallas last week and I got the question I always get: "Why is it so hard to get politicians to answer a question anymore?"

 Well, here is why:
In this age of sophisticated information management and consultant-driven politics where everyone has a media coach and a strategy guru, it is all the vogue in public relations to tell your client, "Here are a couple of answers. No matter what you're asked, just give these answers."

Well, I hate to hurt your feelings, candidates, but you're paying good money for bad advice.


Watch Me Now: Nixon's Newton & Corporate Watches

About two years ago, my friend Hugh showed me The Newton watch by Nixon and I decided purchase if for myself. I've never really had a watch of my own, so I thought this would be a good investment. 

Since then, I've gotten tons of compliments from people from all walks of life. Men, women, old and young seem to love the watch for it's minimalistic design.


Insert Coin...

 and press start! because this blog is back once again.
 To stick to the whole game theme of this post, how about some Street Fighter?