Being the mad scientist that I am, I've decided to fuse some of hip hop and R&B's most familiar faces with random animals. If you don't laugh at least once then you are heartless. 

50 Cent. I bet I could have gotten away with just using the original gorilla picture.


When politicians don't answer questions. By Bob Schieffer

  (From CBS News) I gave a talk on the campus of SMU in Dallas last week and I got the question I always get: "Why is it so hard to get politicians to answer a question anymore?"

 Well, here is why:
In this age of sophisticated information management and consultant-driven politics where everyone has a media coach and a strategy guru, it is all the vogue in public relations to tell your client, "Here are a couple of answers. No matter what you're asked, just give these answers."

Well, I hate to hurt your feelings, candidates, but you're paying good money for bad advice.