Nightmares And Dreams Explored

"CBS News video: Nightmares No More: Alleviate Bad Dreams - Halloween comes once a year, but nightmares can last a lifetime. In fact, for millions of adults, bad dreams is a chronic condition. Some wake up scared several times a week, and they dread falling back to sleep. Susan Spencer sat down with professionals to help us better understand what's keeping us awake."


Early Autumn

(Click here to download wallpaper)
A new background inspired by fall is here. Original artwork mixed with photography I took on the first official day of fall in the park.

I can't believe the year is coming to an end!


Textured Cosmos

I made this in GIMP by the way, and because of that I know how to use gimp more than ever. It's not as easy to use compared to PS, but it good enough.


Winding Particles

I don't have my computer right now and I hate not doing anything.
So I thought "Why not make art the traditional way?", and that's what I did:


~It's Saturday And I Wanna Play~

I miss M-flo with lisa, but this is just as great with Thelma Aoyama .
enjoy your saturday!



fan art created by me.
While you might have seen a bald woman before, this one is very rare. I think people who know Ayumi Ito from her kpop days would never have expected this new hairdo. But I guess thats why she's ICONIQ now. She made a dramatic change in her looks for her first solo album "Change Myself". I like the look a lot as well as the new music.

Too Fast To Live, Too Young To Die

click image for full size view.

About Gdragon/GD:

12 million+ views on youtube btw
Kwon Ji-Yong (born August 18, 1988), better known by his stage name G-Dragon, is a South Korean song-writer. A trainee under the record label YG Entertainment for six years, G-Dragon officially debuted as the leader and one of the two rappers for the Korean hip-hop group Big Bang. Since their debut, G-Dragon has involved himself with the production of their albums: he composed and wrote several tracks by himself, including "Lies," "Last Farewell," and "Haru Haru."
"Too Fast To Live, Too Young To Die " is his mantra (I'm not really sure if he came up with or not) that kind of inspired the whole grungy style in this piece.


Namie Digital Hand craft

..."HuH"? What did you say?

Here is a wallpaper for 4MINUTE's "HuH" created by me. Using the different images of the 5 members from the promo pictures, I was able to create a galactic themed 4 Minute wallpaper.


The First Post


Currently I am editing the css to my blog so bare with me as I try to fix this place up.